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Event Schedule - COP25 JAPAN PAVILION


13:00 - 14:30 2019.12.04

~From Japan to the World~
Saving our Beautiful Planet with CCS!(Part 1)


  • Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation
  • Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.

Event Overview

In light of Paris Agreement, setting a long term goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 and aiming to realize a "decarbonized society" as early as possible in the latter half of this century, the Cabinet of Japan approved the "Long-term Strategy under the Paris Agreement" in June 2019.

To achieve this vision, disruptive innovation led by business and "a virtuous cycle of environment and growth" aiming for both global environmental conservation and economic growth is a must. This seminar will deal with CCS/CCUS (carbon dioxide capture and storage/carbon capture utilization and storage), a technology having the potential to be the key in achieving decarbonization.

In part one, with regard to biomass CCS (BECCS) technology, the development of which is being led by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, we will share with global policymakers and industry the applicability of this technology and its position in present policy, as well as discuss the role of BECCS in achieving the long term goals of the Paris Agreement. In part two, we will talk about topics such as the Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project spearheaded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), which aims to demonstrate the full CCS chain of capture, injection and storage of CO2. We will also invite global CCS experts to share their perspectives on international CCS standards and their vision of the future, to emphasize that Japan is seeking to advance the deployment of innovative CCS technologies in collaboration with the world.

In addition, Japan hosted the G20 Summit for the first time, and held the "Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth" in Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan.

In accordance with the "G20 Karuizawa Innovation Action Plan", adopted at this summit, there are expectations for enhanced efforts at the international and regional levels. Our seminar will highlight the future image Japan is pursuing, including creative innovation that could enable global warming mitigation technologies to become a source of economic growth and the promotion of CCS/CCUS with a view towards deployment and proliferation, as well as the hydrogen society which will only become a reality through future international collaboration and breakthrough innovation fostered by public-private partnerships.

Furthermore, we will propose to the international society "Carbon Recycling", Japan’s new concept to accelerate CCS/CCUS technology, and taking into account the realization of a global environment and society which would be the true ideal of the SDG’s, we will strive to stimulate discussion on CCS/CCUS in an international society aiming towards the protection of the global environmental.


  • Kensuke Suzuki, Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation, General Manager
  • Beth Hardy, International CCS Knowledge Center, Vice-President
  • Xue Ming, CNPC Research Institute of Safety & Environmental Technology, Senior Engineer
  • Eve Tamme, Global CCS Institute, Senior Advisor
  • Hiroshi Nambo, Global CCS Institute, Branch Representative - Japan

Event Summary

  • This session started with the opening remarks by Mr. Hiroshi Tsujihara (Director for International Strategy on Climate Change, Global Environment Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Japan), followed by 4 presentations, Q&A and panel discussion.
  • Mr. Kensuke Suzuki (General Manager - Global Business Department 1, Power Systems Division, Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation) explained Toshiba’s activities in CO2 capture technology development and features, and outlines of their leading two projects (Saga WtE (Waste to Energy) CCU Project and Sustainable CCS Project funded by Ministry of the Environment).
  • Ms. Beth Hardy (Vice-President - Strategy & Stakeholder Relations, International CCS Knowledge Center) introduced the economics of a CCS retrofit & life extension on 300MW coal fired power plant evaluated by the Shand feasibility study.
  • Dr. Xue Ming (Senior Engineer – State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Pollution Control, CNPC Safety and Environmental Technology Institute) gave the presentation on CNPC’s researches and practices of CCUS, their prospects and development visions including the importance of CCUS in their "Green Development Plan".
  • Ms. Eve Tamme (Senior Advisor - International Climate Change Policy, Global CCS Institute) overviewed the current status of CCUS projects all over the world, followed by the introduction of the role of Biomass Energy CCS (BECCS) in EU’s vision for a clean planet by 2050 and BECCS project at Drax Power Station in the UK.
  • Audiences gave the panelists questions such as initiatives with oil and gas companies for technology development or reduction of Scope 3 emissions in other sectors, reasons why some CCS projects had been cancelled after feasibility studies, a concern about CCS that could allow fossil fuel power plants to continue to expand or existing plants to be stuck, and an availability of CCU or CO2 usage as a measure for climate change.

Message and Results

In the seminar, presentations of 4 speakers, many questions from the audiences and the panel discussion resulted to share the present status of CCUS technologies and projects, and its future role including BECCS among more than 40 participants. The speakers addressed 3 important points that was needed or should be improved in the panel discussion: investigation or implementation of all the options for climate change mitigation such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and so on as well as CCS for a "decarbonized" society, the regulatory frameworks or incentives to promote CCS/CCU as a business case, and consideration of biomass energy supply in an implementation of BECCS project.

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