2021.11.6 SAT

10:30 - 12:00


Climate Change and the Ocean ―Contribution of the UN Ocean Decade

Sasakawa Peace Foundation


・Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO

Seminar abstract

When considering the impacts of climate change on the ocean and coastal areas such as sea ice reduction, extreme weather, sea level rise, and ocean heatwaves, scientific knowledge is indispensable. While the scientific community has been warning about the risks facing the ocean, ocean science is not always ready to deliver solutions to these challenges through adaptation and mitigation. In order to address these gaps between social Issues and ocean science, the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science was launched in 2021. In this event, we will deepen the discussion on how the Decade can contribute to these climate change and ocean issues.

Actual speakers

  • ・ Hans-Otto Pörtner, Co-Chair of IPCC Working Group II (video message)
    ・ Mr. Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary, IOC-UNESCO
    ・ Dr. Hide Sakaguchi, President, Ocean Policy Research Institute, Sasakawa Peace Foundation
    ・ Mr. Tomohiko Tsunoda, Senior Research Fellow, Ocean Policy Institute, Sasakawa Peace Foundation
    ・ Alison Clausen, Programme Specialist, IOC-UNESCO
    ▼Online speakers
    ・ Dr. Atsushi Sunami, President, Sasakawa Peace Foundation
    ・ Dr. Yutaka Michida, Professor, AORI, University of Tokyo, etc.