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LIMEX - Limestone paves the road to a de-carbonised circular economy

Event Materials


  • TBM Co., Ltd.

Event Overview

Part 1 Talk - The Future with LIMEX [30 min]

Resource efficiency driven by circular economy plays an important role to reduce GHG emissions. TBM, the Japanese startup that developed a limestone-based new material ‘LIMEX’, introduces how it can develop a de-carbonised circular economy.
Specifically, TBM shares the experiences in sustainability-oriented R&D, international business expansion, and a holistic approach to societal changes by partnering with local governments, academics, partner companies, etc.

Part 2 Panel Discussion - What do we need for a de-carbonised circular economy? [45 min]

Welcoming a panelist, Stefan Crets from CSR Europe, the discussion will cover business-driven approaches for a de-carbonised circular economy. The panelists will touch upon the different contexts that regions have behind the issues, with reference to TBM’s strategic and customized approaches to each region. The roles of businesses and the necessary partnerships to solve complicatedly intertwined grand challenges will be explored.


  • Nobuyoshi Yamasaki, TBM Co., Ltd., Founder and CEO
  • Tomoya Nakamura, TBM Co., Ltd., Global Business Producer
  • Tokuro Hatori, TBM Co., Ltd., Sustainability Accelerator
  • Stefan Crets, CSR Europe, Executive Director

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