• Enhancing NDCs through the Article 6 Implementation Partnership (A6IP): Launching of A6 Implementation Support Packages

2023.12.9 Sat.

15:45 - 17:00
Enhancing NDCs through the Article 6 Implementation Partnership (A6IP): Launching of A6 Implementation Support Packages
Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ)
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Seminar abstract


With many countries embarking on Article 6 implementation, coordinated yet country-driven capacity building becomes key to realizing high integrity carbon markets. This event will launch the Article 6 Implementation support package, together with capacity building tools to support enhancing the NDCs.


Welcome remarks -5 min-

Shintaro Ito Minister of the Environment, Japan

Photo Session -10 min-

Launch of Article 6 Implementation Support Package -5 min-

Kazuhisa Koakutsu Director of A6IP Center

Messages from Partners on Support Package -35 min (5min x 7 people)-


Messages from A6IP Support package implementation partners -15 min (5min x 3 people)-


Closing remarks -5 min-

Kazuhiko Takeuchi President, IGES


  • Shintaro Ito / Minister of the Environment, Japan
  • Kazuhisa Koakutsu / Director of A6IP Center
  • Farhina Ahmed / Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Bangladesh Secretary
  • Simon Watts / Ministry for Climate Change, New Zealand Minister
  • Stanley Loh / Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, Singapore Permanent Secretary
  • Trigg Talley / "Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and Climate Negotiations and Programs at U.S. Department of State" Senior Advisor
  • James Grabert / Mitigation Division, UNFCCC Secretariat Director
  • Jennifer Sara / Climate Change Group, World Bank Group Global Director
  • Federico Di Credico / IETA Vice-Chairs
  • Kazuhiko Takeuchi / Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) President
Session Summary
In the presence of Minister Ito, the Minister of the Environment of Japan, and other high-level participants from various countries and organizations, Article 6 Support Package was presented. This initiative aims to enhance NDCs ambitions that are currently considered insufficient to meet the 1.5-degree target. Similar to the launch of the Paris Agreement Article 6 Implementation Partnership (A6IP) at COP 27 last year, high-level participants from partner countries and organizations expressed their support.

Since the level of preparedness to implement Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, including national legal systems and frameworks, varies significantly, tailored support to each country is essential. Creating tools for each stage of Article 6 implementation provides customized assistance aligned with their readiness.
As of 9 December 2023, 74 countries and over 100 organizations and companies have participated in A6IP. Looking ahead, the A6IP Center will take the lead in providing each participating country with an appropriate Support Package utilizing tools according to its support needs.
The packages will include:
  • Article 6 Strategy: Support to enhance understanding of Article 6, including its objectives, benefits, and contribution to NDCs.
  • Authorization: Support in establishing legal and institutional frameworks for the government authorization process.
  • Reporting: Aid in preparing initial reports, annual information, and regular information on the implementation of Article 6.
  • Tracking: Assistance for tracking emission reduction credits and the use of registries.
  • Project initiation: Support in preparing an Article 6 pipeline for project development.
  • Methodology development: Assistance with the development and application of a baseline.
Message and Results
Further information on this event is available in the news section of the Partnership's website (https://a6partnership.org/). All interested stakeholders are welcome to join this partnership through the 'Join us' form on the Partnership website.

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