2022.11.17 THU

14:50 - 15:50
Leading Actions towards Zero Carbon Cities
Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan
Seminar abstract
In order to realize a decarbonized society, it is important to promote the decarbonization of cities, which account for about 70% of global emissions. Actions of local governments are critical, as they can motivate and coordinate actions of various stakeholders and sectors in an integrative way and according to local characteristics from the planning to the implementation stage.
Under its Regional Decarbonization Roadmap, Japan aims to create 100 leading decarbonization areas by 2030 and roll out these practices to other regions (decarbonization domino) through collaboration between national and local governments. EU launched the mission to deliver 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030, recognizing that cities should act as experimentation and ecosystem to help cities’ transition to become carbon neutral by 2030.
This side event will introduce the initiatives of Japan and the EU to create and identify leading regions for decarbonization with the aim of promoting the decarbonization of cities across the world.
Live-streaming: https://youtu.be/gYwwNR4qzq4
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【Local Speakers】
  • MIZUTANI Yoshihiro(International Cooperation for Transition to Decarbonization and Sustainable Infrastructure, Global Environmental Bureau, Ministry of the Environment) Director
  • WATANABE Satoshi(International Cooperation for Transition to Decarbonization and Sustainable Infrastructure, Global Environmental Bureau, Ministry of the Environment) Assistant Director
  • Eero Ailio(DG ENER of the European Commission) Adviser for energy transition and local governance
  • Tadashi Matsumoto(OECD,Sustainable Development and Global Relations Unit) Head of Unit
  • Masato FUJIMOTO(Tokorozawa City) Mayor
  • Kazuaki TAKAHASHI(City of Yokohama,Climate Change Policy Headquarters) Executive Director
  • Alison Gilliland(Dublin City Council) Councillor
  • Walid Oueslati(Division Environment, Transitions and Resilience Division OECD Environment Directorate) Acting Head

【Online Speakers】
  • Dung Nguyen Thi Bich(Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA), Hai Phong City) Deputy Director
Session Summary
  • Session 1:Creation of leading areas
  • Session2:Leading cases towards decarbonization
Message and Results

Efforts to create leading regions in Japan and the EU, and specific measures for cities were introduced. Mr.Mizutani from MOE Japan, stated, “Decarbonization of cities is a significant challenge, but we are determinded to make this happen, and show our leading models to the world.”


Other timetable

2022.11.17 THU

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