Solutions to the World

Welcome to the Japan Pavilion at COP27.

To meet the temperature goal of the Paris Agreement, and become carbon neutral by 2050,
Japan aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46% by 2030,
and to continue strenuous efforts in its challenge to meet the lofty goal of cutting its emission by 50%.

Noting the urgency of accelerating actions in this critical decade,
we will present Japan’s cutting-edge technologies on
(1) mitigation to directly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions,
(2) utilization to recycle the unavoidable emissions of CO₂ as resources,
and (3) adaptation to minimize the adverse effects.
These technologies can be implemented in every corner of the world,
providing solutions based on the various situations and needs of each country.

We will also introduce Fukushima “today”, 11 years after the earthquake and nuclear accident, as well as the environmental regeneration initiatives and the future revitalization plan that makes use of renewable energy.

Please take a look at Japan’s technologies and initiatives
towards the new future.


The 27th UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) will be held at the city of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, between November 6 and November 18, 2022. At the Japan Pavilion, the decarbonization technologies and initiatives that support the realization of global decarbonization and “carbon neutrality by 2050”, which is the long-term goal of Japan's climate change measures, will be transmitted through an exhibition and seminar.


Introducing the seminar that will be held at the Japan Pavilion (held in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt).


Introducing the technologies and efforts that will be exhibited in the Japan Pavilion (held in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt).


A virtual exhibition will be held online at the same time as the the Japan Pavilion (held in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt). Introducing decarbonization technologies and efforts will be presented.