• Nature-based solutions in forest sector to promote mitigation and adaptation against climate change

2022.11.18 FRI

15:00 - 16:30
Nature-based solutions in forest sector to promote mitigation and adaptation against climate change
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute
The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)
Seminar abstract
Mitigation through the promotion of REDD+ and adaptation to the negative impacts of climate change through forest conservation are expected to be nature-based solutions (NbS). This event will explore ways to promote mitigation and adaptation against climate change by NbS in the forest sector.

【Agenda of the Event】
  • Opening remark (Ms. Sheam Satkuru, Executive Director, ITTO)
  • Presentations
    1. Dr. Aya Uraguchi (Conservation International Japan) Forest conservation and restoration in Asia
    2. Dr. Hwan-ok Ma (Officer-in-Charge, Division of Forest Management, ITTO) Forest and Land Fire Management in Indonesia: Lessons learned from the implementation of ITTO project in Kalimantan and Sumatra
    3. Dr. Takashi Okamoto (Forest and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan) Application of Japanese Forest-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Technologies to Vietnam
    4. Dr. Jorge Recharte(President, Institute de Montana, Peru) Dealing with complexity: Pathways to enhance adaptive capacity through land use planning in high tropical mountains of Peru
  • Panel Discussion
    • Moderator: Dr. Yasumasa Hirata, FFPRI
【Local Speakers】
  • Dr. Yasumasa Hirata(Forest and Forest Products Research Institute) Principal Research Director on climate change
  • Dr. Takashi Okamoto(Forest and Forest Products Research Institute) Chief, Erosion Control Laboratory
  • Ms. Sheam Satkuru(International Tropical Timber Organization) Executive Director
  • Dr. Hwan-ok Ma(International Tropical Timber Organization) Officer-in-Charge, Division of Forest Management

【Online Speakers】
  • Dr. Aya Uraguchi(Conservation International Japan) Technical Director
  • Dr. Jorge Recharte(Institute de Montana, Peru) President
Session Summary

To promote climate change mitigation, REDD+ projects have been implemented in many developing countries. As for climate change adaptation, proper forest management and conservation is expected to decrease natural disaster risk reduction as nature-based solutions (NbS). In this sense, REDD+ projects which include conservation activities are able to contribute to both mitigation and adaptation. Forest fire countermeasures also.
This seminar will welcome four presentations (two for mitigation and two for adaptation) and explore ways to promote both mitigation and adaptation against climate change through forest sector NbS.

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