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Japan’s Assistance Initiatives to Address Climate Change 2017

With the entry into force of the Paris Agreement in November last year, the world is now moving toward its implementation.

Japan's Assistance Initiatives to Address Climate Change 2017 (Initiatives 2017) aims to accelerate climate change measures and sustainable development in developing countries through "co-innovation" by collaboration with important state and non-state actors, and uptake of advanced technology and know-how to address challenges.

Japan Pavilion in COP23 Bonn Zone is showcasing the projects and programs under this Initiatives 2017 including the new partnership on transparency. Japan will promote the Initiative 2017 to enhance implementation of the Paris Agreement.

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Transformative Action for Our Future

To achieve a sustainable society, we need to aim for decarbonization with zero emissions, and build resilience to deal with climate change that can be seen in the form of extreme weather events across the world. We need to work towards transition by generating new ideas raised by various actors and implementing these ideas into actions.

COP23 Japan Pavilion showcases Japan’s actions to the rest of the world, and contributes to accelerating momentum for transition, by organizing exhibitions and side-events introducing initiatives taken by various actors.

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