2021.11.3 WED

17:00 - 18:30


The role of hydrogen in the transition to net-zero

International Energy Agency


Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry

Seminar abstract

Hydrogen will need to play an important role in the transition to a net-zero energy system, as shown in IEA’s Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 Roadmap. Hydrogen demand should grow six-fold by 2050 and its use should expand to new sectors, including long distance transport, shipping, aviation, new uses in heavy industry or power generation.
Interest in hydrogen has been growing in the last few years but, differently to other false starts in the past, momentum this time is turning into real-world action. Progress on the ground is reaching a pace that we have not seen before. With the objective of tracking progress in the adoption of hydrogen technologies, the IEA has recently released its new Global Hydrogen Review. This report, an output of the Clean Energy Ministerial Hydrogen Initiative is intended to inform energy sector stakeholders on the current status and future prospects of hydrogen and serve as an input to the discussions at the Hydrogen Energy Ministerial.
The event will bring together representatives of several governments currently leading the developments around hydrogen adoption, the IEA, the Hydrogen Council and the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy to discuss the role of hydrogen on the path towards net-zero emissions. The event will include a presentation to introduce the key findings of the IEA Global Hydrogen Review. The event will provide an opportunity to exchange diverse perspectives and explore the best options to promote hydrogen technologies to deliver net-zero emissions and clean energy transition.


  • • Fatih Birol International Energy Agency Exective Director
    • Juan Carlos Jobet Ministry of Energy and Minig, Chile Minister
    • Jonathan Wilkinson Ministry of Natural Resources, Canada Minister
    • Daryl Wilson Hydrogen Council Exective Director
    • Dan Dorner Clean Energy Ministrial Head of secretariat
    • Shinichi Kihara Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, Japan Deputy Director-General for Technology and Environment
    • Jose M. Bermudez International Energy Agency Energy Technology Analyst

    ▼Online speakers
    • Noe Van Hulst International Partnership of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell in the Economy Chair
    • Sunita Satyapal Department of Energy, US Director of EERE's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office

Session Summary

The IEA Executive Director, Birol delivered opening keynote speech alongside Chile's Minister of Energy and mining, Jobet and Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Wilkinson. The IEA emphasized the importance of hydrogen in the clean energy transition and encouraged governments to provide clear regulations and standards to foster investment and create the conditions to develop an actual market for hydrogen demand. The ministers of Chile and Canada mentioned the role of low-carbon hydrogen in the decarbonization of "hard-to-abate" sectors and explained the role of hydrogen for a smooth energy transition. The IEA presented the main findings of the "Global Hydrogen Review," highlighting the significant acceleration of progress on the ground and the fact that this progress still falls short of what is needed to put the energy system on track to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.
The event included a panel discussion with US-DOE, IPHE, Hydrogen Council and METI for the opportunity and challenges to accelerate the adoption of low-carbon hydrogen as an energy vector.