The future of a decarbonized society
Opening up with floating offshore wind power generation

The world's first Typhoon-Resistant hybrid spar-type floating offshore wind turbine

The concept of decarbonized islands by utilizing floating offshore wind turbines and hydrogen system

The first photo and the 1:100 scale model shows the floating wind turbine. The bottom illustration shows the decarbonizing of remote islands by utilizing floating wind turbines and hydrogen systems.

The world's first Hybrid Spar type structure, which uses concrete in the lower part and steel in the upper part, was adopted. This enables both a reduction of construction cost and high stability in water. A 2MW demonstrative floating offshore wind turbine was successfully installed in 2013, and since then, it has been resisting several typhoons annually. Commercial operation started in April 2016.

Additionally, the technology to produce, store, and transport hydrogen, which is produced by electrolysis of rainwater using electricity from the floating wind turbine, was demonstrated. A 40-foot class hydrogen-powered fuel cell boat was built, and its trial operation has successfully been carried out. This new technology will allow both the stable supply of electricity and the realization of a decarbonized society.

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