Formulation of Regional Circular and Ecological Sphere
by partnership using the new material "LIMEX"

Limestone, the main raw material of LIMEX, and the LIMEX products.
"Upcycling" and "Biodegradation" for Circular Economy

Climate Change Impact of LIMEX

  • LIMEX is the limestone-based material newly developed by TBM (TBM Co., Ltd.) in Japan, which can be an alternative to paper and plastic.
  • This acitivity is to establish locally distributed systems for sustainable production and consumption while reducing the dependency on unevenly located resources such as fossil fuels and water by using limestone, which is an abundant resource worldwide.
  • TBM promotes collaborative initiatives with local governments and other businesses to build a circular society by utilizing the high recyclability of LIMEX.
  • TBM's vision is to expand the circular model of LIMEX both domestically and internationally and to contribute to the fight against climate crisis. In 2019, TBM initiated the collaborative initiatives with local partners in Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, and Henan, China.

Exhibit Partner

TBM Co., Ltd.