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How to maximize the leverage out of the design of the NDC and implementation of the transparency framework—Key elements for meaningful capacity building programs


  • Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)

Event Overview

In order to make NDC and Global Stocktake (5-year cycle) truly effective, it is essential that the Transparency Framework (2-year cycle) to check progress is functioning, i.e., to induce actual emission reductions. To that end, it is desirable that it be designed for materializing the PDCA-cycle of domestic measures and for better understanding of the situation in the country, in addition to the roles of transparency and accountability.
Drafting of the biennial transparency report can be a good exercise for the governmental officials to enhance his/her capacity and enable the country to strengthen its measures effectively. The Capacity Building Program can be designed for this purpose. The side event focuses on this design.
Following presentation by Dr. Naoki Matsuo (IGES), the panel discussion will focus on the points what contents of the capacity building program are effective to materialize stated objective above. The panelists include participants of JICA Capacity Building Program for the above-mentioned intention; GEF CBIT (Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency) secretariat; UNFCCC BUR/ICA secretariat; and JICA; chaired by Dr. Kiyoto Tanabe (CGE/IPCC/IGES).


  • Naoki Matsuo (Dr./Mr.), Principal Policy Researcher, IGES Presentation (PDF, 2.5MB) Open the new tab
  • Kiyoto Tanabe (Dr./Mr.), Task Force Co-Chair of IPCC National Greenhouse Gas Inventories, IGES, IPCC, CGE
  • Xuehong Wang (Ms.), Team Lead, Transparency Framework and ICA, Mitigation, Data and Analysis Programme, UNFCCC Secretariat
  • Milena Gonzalez-Vasquez (Ms.), GEF CBIT Secretariat
  • SARUUL Dolgorsuren (Ms.), Managing office r /Climate Change Unit (CCU), Environment and Climate Fund (ECF), Mongolia, Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  • Kotaro Taniguchi (Mr.), Director, Office for Climate Change / Environmental Management Group, Global Environment Department, JICA

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