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COP21 Japan Pavilion COP21 Japan Pavilion

30 November to 11 December 2015

at Paris (Le Bourget)

The Japan Pavilion features the theme of Transformation! – Low carbon and climate resilient society.
We are showcasing research outputs and initiatives from participating organisations and groups through various side events and exhibitions as well as giving visitors a chance to experience traditional Japanese culture.
The Pavilion is providing a great opportunity to think about how we can transform our society into one that is low-carbon and resilient in the face of the changing climate, by strengthening dialogue and exchange among participants.

COP21 aims to create a fair and effective international framework in which all countries can participate.
As a starting point for the world to begin long-term actions towards achieving low-carbon societies within this century,
this conference is equivalent to making a decision on our global future.

Cities / Technology / Forests / Policies Cities / Technology / Forests / Policies

Transformation! -Low carbon and climate resilient society- Transformation! -Low carbon and climate resilient society-

In order to limit the global mean temperature increase to 2°C above the pre-industrial levels,
greenhouse gas emissions must be drastically reduced leading ultimately to zero emissions.
This cannot be achieved with national level actions alone –
there needs to be much more cooperation between stakeholders at all levels,
including national and local governments,
research institutes, international organisations, businesses, NGOs and civil society.
It is necessary to transform the energy-intensive society that we have had until now.
The Japan Pavilion is based on four themes – Cities, Technology, Forests and Policies,
and will introduce initiatives being promoted by Japan to bring messages
on the transformation to a low-carbon and climate resilient society.